Dental & Maxillofacial Surgery

The department deals with the diagnosis and treatment of dental and oro-facial problems. We have the latest and high-end equipments, to provide state of the art dental care to our esteemed patients. Our aim is to prevent dental disease and save the natural tooth as much as possible. For this we use a minimally invasive and conservative approach.

The Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery speciality of dentistry deals with disease conditions of Teeth, Mouth & Face
Specialized care in following conditions

Services Offered

  • FacialTrauma,

    • 24 hr care for all kinds of Cranio Facial trauma, Both soft tissues & hard tissues.
    • Treatment for Jaw bone fractures &Frontal & zygomatic bone
  • Dentofacial deformities Corrections (Orthognathic surgeries)

    • Surgical corrections of Dento- facial deformities (Orthognathic Surgeries) like Prognathism
    • Prtruded upper teeth & Gummy smile,
    • Retruded chin etc
  • Detection & treatment of Oral Cancer

    • Diagnosis & Treatment of Oral cancer & various other Pathologies of mouth & Jaws
  • Oral Medicine

    • Diagnosis & treatment of various oral conditions like white & red patches in mouth, Halitosis (Bad smell from mouth) burning sensation in mouth etc
  • Jaw joint Problems(TMJoint disorders)

    • Diagnosis & Management of jaw joint pain, discomfort, clicking sound, difficulty in opening mouth Etc.
  • Dentoalvelar surgeries

    • All kinds of Dentoalveolar surgeries like wisdom teeth & impacted teeth removal, dental cyst surgeries etc done in international standards

Our Consultants

Dr. Sampreeth Mathew




Dr. Paul V. Joseph


Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon


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